St. Veronica School

St. Veronica Starts New Cross Country Team

St. Veronica is excited to start our own cross country program.  Our program will work on fundamentals such as building self-confidence and a love for running.  Each athlete will be able to develop at his/her own rate and accomplish his/her own goals.  Our season began in August (2016) and our athletes have already improved in their running skills.  Friendly competition is also enjoyed among team members.  Our team practices three days a week; Day 1 - we have our long run (3 miles), Day 2 – is intervals which changes every week, and Day 3  - is recovery day when we play ultimate Frisbee, an activity that keeps heart rates up.  Every other week we also run a timed mile to track our improvement. 

 We’ve had three Cross Country Meets so far this season.  Within those meets we have seen many athletes beat personal goals set at the beginning of September.  The team is currently working to achieve the new goals set and are excited to see what the rest of the season holds in store!