St. Veronica School


My name is Art Menges, and I'm the Technology Director for St. Veronica School and Parish. My wife, Lisa and I live on the westside of Cincinnati along with  our 3 cats, Alexander, Geordie, and Angelique. I've always lived within 5 miles of where I was born.

I grew up in a very faith based family with parents belonging to the Greatest Generation. My father was an aircraft mechanic during World War II, and he taught me to never stop learning. My mother lived in a coal mining camp in West Virginia when she was growing up and she taught me how to make due with what you have and make it work. Both taught me to never give up......there's always an answer to every problem. I grew up with 3 sisters, including one who followed her faith and became a Franciscan....can you guess who?

My favorite teacher was my 8th grade math teacher, who came to our school as a mid-year sub in her first year of teaching. She impacted my life because, she didn't just teach math, she taught logic.

When I'm not working on computers, I enjoy working in our yard, working on our cars, and projects around our home. I also enjoy photography. I am an amateur radio operator, and a Skywarn Spotter. When my wife and I vacation, our favorite spot is Cabwaylingo State Forest in West Virginia, near the birthplace of my mother, where we rent a cabin in the woods, and hike through the mountains all day, and then play Yahtzee until 3 in the morning.

I've always had a love for electronics, and have worked on so many systems in every company that I've been employed with in my past, that I've honestly lost count. I've seen the evolution of Windows from it's infancy in DOS to it's latest version. Along with that, I bring along over 35 years of customer service....the most important aspect of my job here.

I'm blessed to have the opportunity to serve and support the teachers, administrators, and parish staff in their mission to serve you and the children of St. Veronica.