St. Veronica Church & School

St. Veronica Parish School Offers a Variety of Extracurricular Activities

St. Veronica has a lot to offer! We have the normal sports extra curriculars that one would find in any elementary school; basketball, volleyball, and football, however, we also offer track, cross country, and golf.
Besides sports we have a very well-rounded fine arts program that includes band, Vocal Ensemble, Show Choir (singing and dancing) and a school spring musical. Students can begin as early as third grade to participate in the school play, 4th grade in band, 5th grade for Vocal Ensemble and 7th grade for Show Choir. In addition to all these activities, our students can even learn the behind-the-scene skills of lighting and sound. Our 7th and 8th graders even act as stage managers for the school play, becoming confident student leaders.
Academically, our students can join Robotics Club (4th grade), School Newspaper (6th through 8th) and go after a much sought after spot on the middle school speech team (7th and 8th grade). Starting as early as kindergarten, student can also participate in our various scouting programs.