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St. Veronica School was dedicated in September, 1975. The first teacher hired was Mrs. Susan Churchill (Haushalter) who presently teaches fourth grade. "As a new college graduate, I was given the unique opportunity to be the first teacher hired in a Catholic school that was to open its doors for the very first time. Since this experience was quite contrary in 1975 to the many parochial school closings and mergings, all eyes were watching the outcome of St. Veronica School. With eight excited teachers, 212 anxious students (and parents) and one very enthusiastic principal, Paul DeFazio, we not only succeeded but grew rapidly from what was once a cornfield community."

High academic standards and strong discipline were musts for a solid beginning, but it became clear years later that something was missing. After several principals and years of increasing enrollment, a new era began under the leadership and love of Mr. Bill Schlater. For the next nine years, St. Veronica School was nurtured. It grew not only in academics, athletics and the arts, but more importantly in spirituality. This completeness made for years of 'Christ's peace' in our hallways and hearts.

In 1995, St. Veronica took another step forward under the administration of Mrs. Kay Hohner Stefanics. Science and technology had been a needed dimension. With a new computer lab we were able to better instruct our students

A further academic milestone was achieved under the leadership of Mr. Paul McLaughlin. As his nine years of administration ended, St. Veronica School was awarded the prestigious National Blue Ribbon Award.

Hopefully, the cornerstone of commitment to our children that was in place at its beginning, will keep our St. Veronica philosophy steadfast. Today, in 2016, under the leadership of Ms. Sharon Bresler, we continue to look to the future and expand on our great foundation.