St. Veronica Church & School


As Catholics, we firmly believe that each of us is a unique individual made in the image and likeness of God. It is our firm belief that St. Veronica School through its philosophy of education can contribute much to help each student not only to attain his/her final goal of union with God, but also aid him/her in becoming the person that God intended him/her to be on earth. As a result, St. Veronica School believes in the Christian approach to education, which takes into consideration all facets of the individual—spiritual, physical, mental, moral, and social. By this approach, St. Veronica School attempts to develop each student’s full potential and, in turn, help the student form a positive self-image. Christian education also attempts to form the human person in relationship with the other members of society. Through the teaching of Gospel values, St. Veronica School prepares the students to function as responsible stewards of God.

The curriculum that embraces a variety of religious and secular subjects is intended to develop responsible, decision-making individuals. St. Veronica School seeks to offer a broad-based educational curriculum, striving to meet a standard of excellence in every subject, discipline, and opportunity presented to its students. Our students are well prepared for high school and beyond.

Areas of study (K-8) are based on core content standards from the State of Ohio and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  St. Veronica was awarded full accreditation through the Ohio Catholic School Accreditation Association.