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Language Arts

Language Arts
Students today live in a community that stresses the importance of communication. The demands of society require that students need more than just basic skills in language. Today’s children need to be confident in their ability to communicate both verbally and in writing, through traditional methods as well as through technology. Our goal is to help students hear the needs and ideas of others and to respond both intelligently and compassionately.

The reading program at St. Veronica is comprised of many parts, designed to give children a love of reading. All of our students are taught reading skills through the use of textbooks and trade books. We have an emphasis on phonics and sight words in the primary grades. Independent reading, reading aloud and book reports encourage reading for pleasure for all grade levels. Vocabulary and comprehension are continually taught in a context of providing students an appreciation of good literature. Our students experience short stories, plays, poetry, mythology and novels. Independent work and projects are tailored to individual student’s needs and abilities. Reading skills are reinforced in all areas of the elementary curriculum.

Beginning in grade one, developing writing skills is strongly emphasized. Writing folders, journal writing, pen pals, letters to shut-ins of the parish and creative writing are methods used to encourage writing. Students are taught grammar, mechanics and sentence structure. Students learn to write narrative, expository, descriptive and persuasive paragraphs. Research projects are encouraged from middle to junior high grades. Spelling is geared toward proper communication in addition to the development of vocabulary.