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The Spanish language is taught at all grade levels here at St. Veronica, kindergarten through eighth grades.  Our program encourages a greater connection to our global society and fosters positive relationships among all cultures. Curriculum focuses on vocabulary, grammar, verbal and written skills, history, traditions, and the Catholic faith that we share throughout the world.  The curriculum follows the standards proposed by the state of Ohio, Passport to the Future:  Ohio’s Plan for World Languages, published in December, 2007.
During the initial school year, all students are starting at the beginning level, learning basic words and phrases, eg. greetings, names of things they use in the classroom and at home, family members, animals, colors, numbers through 100, etc.  As the year progresses, middle school and junior high school students are branching out into forming plurals, telling time, -ar conjugations, irregular verbs such as: ser, ir, and tener, etc.  One very important aspect in the older grades is how the languages compare and contrast grammatically, challenging the students to explore the thought processes expressed by spoken and written language.

Weaved into the language, students learn about various similarities and differences in our cultures, things we have learned and borrowed from their culture and how we have influenced them.  Most importantly, we discuss our Catholic faith and how we share those beliefs in the sacraments, especially in Baptism, Holy Eucharist, and Confirmation.