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In art class, all students explore a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional media: drawing, painting, sculpture, weaving, and printmaking. Students use the elements and principles of design to make strong artwork. Self-expression and creativity as well as problem solving and critical thinking are encouraged. Students learn to draw from observation, as well as from their memory and imagination. Often projects are cross-curricular, connecting with what the students are learning in other subject areas. The art curriculum is not limited to art making, but incorporates art history, art criticism, and aesthetics.
The primary grades focus on the basics to build a strong art foundation. Students learn how to use art materials correctly from cleaning a paint brush to using the right amount of glue. Developing fine motors skills is at this age and are practiced through various means such as cutting with scissors, drawing using different pencil pressures and working with clay. Students are introduced to art vocabulary and different artists’ styles.
The intermediate grades focus on advancing their skills in art. Students learn to draw more realistically by using perspective and shading in their work. Color mixing and the color wheel are studied more in depth. Projects become more involved, allowing the students to take a more active role as an artist by conceptualizing an idea into sketches and producing a final work. Many of our projects at this level are based on artists’ styles and art from around the world.
The upper grades focus on fine-tuning their skills and knowledge. Students study artist and art movements more in depth. Drawing continues to strive towards realism. Students learn to pull from their own lives to make art that is personal and expressive. Self-reflection and critique take on a larger role at this level. Students learn not only to take on the role of an artist, but an architect, a designer, an art historian, and critic. Preparing students with the art knowledge and skills to continue on with art in their future and have a lifetime appreciation for the arts is the goal.