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Tuition Policy


It is the goal of St. Veronica School to provide a quality Catholic education for the children in our community.  Due to the continually increasing costs, it is important that each family utilizing the school contribute in the expenses involved.  It has become imperative to state and enforce the parish’s policy on tuition payments.  Active parishioner tuition is a form of tuition aide available to parish members who are actively involved in St. Veronica Parish as defined by the following guidelines.  Out-of-parish tuition includes those who are registered in the parish but are not active in the parish and those who are not members of St. Veronica Parish.  Out-of-parish tuition reflects a higher cost that contributes more toward the actual cost to educate one student per year and is charged to families who are not active parishioners of St. Veronica as defined by these guidelines.

A.      In order to qualify for active parishioner tuition at St. Veronica School

1.       Family/student must be a registered member of St. Veronica Parish.

2.       Student must be baptized and Catholic, with documentation on file in the parish and school offices.

3.    Will sign the Parent/Guardian Covenant and abide by the covenants e.g., attend weekend Mass regularly (27 times per year) and volunteer in at least one organization, ministry, or parish-sponsored event or fundraiser to help St. Veronica Parish better fulfill its mission to live, teach and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Donations are not tracked, and Mass attendance is traced via Faith Direct cards, offering envelopes, or slips of paper with family name.

4.       Families will financial support St. Veronica Parish to the best of their abilities.


B.      School Registration

1.       Registration for school will be accepted in the school office only.

2.       Registration for the following school year begins January 16.  Late registrations are subject to availability of space.

3.       All registrations will require that the current year tuition must be current the day in which the registration is submitted.


C.      Tuition Payments

1.       Full or partial tuition payments are due no later than May 15th preceding the start of the school year.

2.       Ten monthly tuition payments may be made using a third party company, FACTS Management.  Payments may be made via electronic funds transfer or credit card (Master Card, American Express, or Discover). The Credit Card companies charge a convenience fee, FACTS Management charges a fee to process the enrollment, and St. Veronica charges a finance fee for this service.  Monthly payments may be made on the 15th or last day of the month.

3.       Any exceptions to the above must be approved by the St. Veronica Business Manager.


D.      Delinquent Payments

1.       There will be a $30.00 fee for late payments that are received after the 15th or last day of the month, whichever is selected by the family. 

2.       There will be a $30.00 fee for insufficient funds.

3.       If tuition is not current and no arrangement with the Business Manager has been made prior to registration or the opening of school the child will not be accepted into school for that year until the delinquent tuition is resolved.

4.       If tuition is delinquent for two months, students will not be permitted to return to school until the delinquent tuition is resolved.

5.       No 8th grade student may take final exams until all financial obligations are current.

6.       No school records will be forwarded until all financial obligations are current.

7.       Accounts with a history of continuous delinquency will not be offered the finance payment plan option the following school year.